Top 12 of 2012

After some very tough decisions, we’re finally ready to announce my TOP 12 favorite images from this year! I chose these images based on the following: 1. Do they evoke an emotional reaction? 2. Do they tell a story? 3. Difficulty of composition and lighting. If you see yourself in the top 12, you’ll receive […]

Jake + Katy | Married!

On a beautiful June day, we arrived at David Anthony Salon in Amherst for some fabulous getting ready candids. Some of the best story telling images happen in the salons, love the candid, relaxed, yet high anticipation moments! Katy is a classic beauty marrying her high school sweetheart. Jake is a dedicated Marine who loves […]

Why I love photographing weddings….

The other day, a potential bride asked what I love most about weddings. I’m sure my off-the-cuff answer didn’t do justice to my mind & heart, so here’s my well-thought out answer. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable milestones in your life. To be chosen as your photographer is one of the […]