Small Business Grand Opening | LS Dental Office

Small business grand opening time!

When you’re a small business, it takes a great deal of personal time and effort to make things exactly the way you want it. You pour your heart and soul into every detail and pray that everyone else sees the beauty and potential that you see.  New customers walk into your door, and you feel a certain pride. The mayor comes to your grand opening, and you feel that you have arrived!

Congratulations to Layman, Shirman & Dental Associates on their new office (that used to be a bank). Yes, they bought the bank! It’s a beautiful space with top of the line equipment, including a Green-CT. The entire LS Dental staff and contractors, W.J. Miller Builders, were so genuine, friendly and helpful, I couldn’t stop smiling and snapping pictures of the interactions. If only I lived a little closer to Streetsboro, I would be first in line to sign up as a new patient.