My Time to Shine for local foster kids | Giving back

This week, I volunteered at My Time to Shine for local foster kids.  They were pampered with hair stylists, nail & makeup before their professional photo shoot. Caring for Kids in Cuyahoga Falls did a wonderful job putting the kids first and making them feel special.

When you give back, you should choose a cause close to your heart. It means so much more when the effort comes from your soul and not just your pocket book.

This is about to get personal….. Not many people know this, but I struggle with fertility issues. I don’t have any kids of my own, and it wasn’t my choice. There is an undeniable emptiness in my heart. For many years, I tried to ignore it and deny it.  I tried to fill that emptiness by rescuing puppies, working two jobs and taking constant vacations.

However, that ‘something is missing’ feeling stayed in the back of my mind. It resurfaced at the most unexpected moments. It was tearing me apart and bringing me to my knees despite my efforts to appear strong and confident. I finally accepted it.

Having a family is extremely important to me. I may not be able to have biological children, but I can be an adoptive parent. I may have to work harder than most. I may be way behind most parents my age, but I can do this.

(I can’t show the kids’ pictures we took, but here are a few of the volunteers and incredible burgers. You guys rock!)

Caring For Kids Inc, Betty’s Bomb Ass Burgers, Kathy Fox- Skin Zone (makeup), 330 Hair Studio (nails), Mark Miller- photography (pictured)