A different kind of difficult

I entered the entrepreneur life knowing it would be difficult. I was aware of the ever present statistic…8 out of 10 businesses fail. I expected to struggle. I expected to go through hard times before I reached my ultimate goal.

What I didn’t expect was a different kind of difficult. It’s not physical like a marathon, not financial once you get used to the ups and downs, and it’s not even an obvious kind of difficult that most people can identify.  What I didn’t expect was the internal battles and arguments going on in my head. One day, I feel positive, motivated and productive. The next day, I feel defeated, worthless and devoid of energy.

I have so many ideas! The real challenge is finding focus and bringing them to fruition. This is where I feel like a failure. The days zoom by, and I never quite feel accomplished. Before I can say ‘boo’, the awesome idea I just had is on the back burner and almost forgotten.

How did they do it?

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash, Sam Walton, Mark Zuckerberg.  How did they take a grand vision from nothing to a massive success story?

If I could just channel 1% of their energy, focus and perseverance…


‘Self-employed photographer with desire to be more entrepreneur-like’