One year old photo session

There’s just something about photographing babies…I love it!  Rowan’s the perfect example. She just turned one. Almost every shot is a candid moment doing what she likes to do. I went to her house and we spent about an hour looking out the window, playing with blocks, saying hi to the doggie, hangin out with mom. […]

Trip to the Outer Banks, NC

My first full day at OBX and it began with a frantic rush to get 12 people to the fishing charter.  Although I was not a fisherlady today, Joel (hubby) lives for this day wakes up at the crack of dawn (no, wait it’s actually an hour BEFORE the crack) to cook breakfast. They got […]

Johnny’s musician portraits in Oberlin, OH

Look for these images on Johnny’s upcoming album!  We spent an evening trecking around the Oberlin streets looking for unique architecture and urban settings.  Once he warmed up to the camera, we captured some amazing shots with a unique edgy look.  Here’s his web info